Concealed gun bill heads to Otter for signature

Posted at 3:14 PM, Mar 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-18 19:53:04-04

A bill that will allow the concealed carry of firearms within city limits without a license is headed to Governor “Butch” Otter for a signature.

The bill made it through both the Idaho House and Senate within a week with wide support from Republican lawmakers.

Currently, when required to get a permit to carry a concealed gun, a sheriff's office can ask for proof of proficiency with a firearm. Often this is something as basic as a hunter's safety card, or proof of taking a handgun class. If passed, the new bill would eliminate that option.

The measure was criticized by Democratic lawmakers and some law enforcement, including Boise Police Chief Bill Bones.

 Otter has not commented if he will sign the legislation, but he has supported loosening Idaho's gun laws in the past.

Other states that don't require concealed carry permits include Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, Wyoming and West Virginia.