Concealed carry draft bill released

Posted at 9:33 AM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 19:27:53-05

Two state representatives released draft legislation that would allow for permit-less concealed carry of firearms within a city.

Reps. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, and Ronald Nate, R-Rexburg, released a draft version of the bill. Under current law, a citizen can carry a concealed weapon outside city limits. This measure expands the state's permit-less carry to include areas inside city limits.

“We decided on this language because it keeps all other substance of the law exactly how it is now, it doesn’t interfere with our reciprocity with other states, and it is easy to understand.” said Scott in a press release.

The bill still restricts permit-less carry inside buildings. The sponsors say the point of the legislation is two-fold. First, they express concerns citizens could be prosecuted for possessing a firearm in their car and traveling in and out of cities. Second, they cite public concerns from executive action of President Obama on gun sales. In the press release, the lawmakers say this bill would demonstrate a respect for individual rights and the Second Amendment.