COMPASS unveils new interactive map for cyclists and pedestrians

Posted at 12:15 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 14:15:01-04

Do you want to ride your bike to the store, but aren't sure what roads have bike lanes? Did you get a flat tire and want to know where the nearest bike fix-it station is? Are you wondering if there are more sidewalks planned for your part of town?

You can now find answers to these questions and more at the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho’s new interactive bicycle and pedestrian facilities map.

Called the “Bike Walk Compass,” the map was created by COMPASS to showcase all existing and planned bicycle and pedestrian facilities within Ada and Canyon Counties in one place. The planned facilities are from local agency planning documents.

According to COMPASS officials, the user can zoom in to see a specific location -- or zoom out for a regional perspective. With one click, the map will even pinpoint your current location -- making it simple to find nearby facilities.

The map also allows you to turn on or off specific features, such as existing versus proposed paths and trails, fix-it stations, local bike stores, locations of Boise GreenBike hubs, and more. A click on any map feature will pull up additional information, such as the type of facility (e.g., a multi-use trail versus a sidewalk) and what agency is responsible for that particular facility.

"This map represents a huge step forward in looking at regional bicycle and pedestrian routes," said COMPASS Associate Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner Tom Laws. "This is the first time that all existing and planned bike and pedestrian routes -- from sidewalks to foothills trails to bike lanes and protected pathways -- have been mapped in one place for both counties.

"The map was designed to serve cyclists and pedestrians using our roads and pathways, as well as serve as a planning tool for identifying gaps to create a more complete bicycle and pedestrian network,” he added.

A COMPASS news release said the map will be updated twice yearly to reflect new routes and other facilities as they are planned and completed to fill identified gaps.

To find the map, visit the COMPASS web site at, and click on "Bike Walk Compass" under "Find it Fast" on the home page.