Community vigil held in Boise in response to recent shootings

Posted at 9:42 PM, Jul 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-10 20:53:57-04

A community vigil was held Sunday at Boise's Ann Frank Memorial  in response to the rash of shooting deaths that took place in Dallas, Baton Rouge and Minnesota this week.

The event was put on by the Associated Students of Boise State University in partnership with a host of groups including the NAACP, the City of Boise and the Boise Police Department among others.

Organizers say it was an opportunity for the community to stand together in solidarity with the victims of the tragedies and their families.

Among the speakers scheduled to appear at the event are Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and Boise Police Chief William Bones.  Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb also shared words with the crowd. 

She responded to the recent tragedies in a statement: "I would hope that this would herald a new day," Sen. Buckner-Webb said. "That we'll look at the raw deal, the stuff that hurts us, the stuff that polarizes us. The stuff that has us continually on this downward spiral of violence. It's time to stop."