Community packs Boise restaurant after bigoted message left for owner

Posted at 7:19 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-15 13:01:29-04

Customers packed into The Goodness Land restaurant Friday to show their support for former Iraqi refugee and business owner Salam Bunyan. 

"It's delicious and they're busy but, they're doing a great job. They were going around giving away free appetizers cause it's a little bit more of a wait today," said one customer.

Earlier this week a vandal wrote a hateful message directed at the business, but once word got around many members of the community wanted to show Bunyan that Boise doesn't tolerate hate.

"I think we just wanted to show that Boise is more welcoming than that. I think it'[s great to see how packed that they are," said that same customer.

Bunyan said he pulled up to work Friday and people were already there waiting for him to open his doors. 

"Some people wrote beautiful words, some people left some art," said Bunyan

Bunyan said because of the amount of support he received from the community, Friday will always remain a very special day for him, but he isn't shocked because he said this is the community he's always known and loved. 

"That's something amazing. You cannot see that anywhere else but Boise," said Bunyan. "Beautiful people."