Community Baby Shower: What pregnant and nursing women should be eating to keep baby growing strong

Posted at 10:34 AM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 12:36:05-04
Six On Your Side's 11th Community Baby Shower is Wednesday, June 21st.
This week we're learning more from an Albertsons dietitian with nutrition advice for new moms.
"This is a really crucial time for you to focus on your health, not only for you as a mom but for baby," said Albertsons in-store registered dietitian Molly Tevis.
Whether you're pregnant or nursing a newborn, Tevis says it's important women are getting enough protein and staying well hydrated.
"Especially that third trimester when a lot of brain development is taking place. We usually recommend about 75 grams of protein per day. And when you're nursing, make sure your getting in at least 12 eight ounce glasses of fluid per day, non-caffeinated so you're not causing any sensitivities to baby. That will help keep you hydrated as well as milk production nice and strong," Tevis said.
Tevis also recommends eating the rainbow, foods of all different colors.
"A lot of times we get nervous to cut out certain foods, is it good for baby? is it good for me? Keep a variety of foods and get in three or more cups of vegetables a day, at least one of them being green leafy vegetables or an orange vegetable for that vitamin C and folate," Tevis said.
And don't forget about omega-3.
"Where do most omega-3s come from? Fish. And with fish, we want to watch out for mercury levels. But you can get omega-3s from a lot of other plant sources like flaxseed, walnuts or chia seeds," Tevis said.
But what about those pregnancy cravings?
"You're growing a baby, you're busy, you're uncomfortable, have a cheeseburger but the rest of the day make sure you're still getting in your fruits and vegetables, your whole grains and quality lean proteins. Maybe you have ice cream at the end of the day, but you still got in all the nutrients that you needed for the rest of the day," Tevis said.
Albertsons and Blue Cross of Idaho are proud supporters of Six On Your Side's 11th Community Baby Shower. Wednesday, June 21st donate new baby items at any Treasure Valley Albertsons location and they'll go straight to four local incentive based nonprofits. Albertsons is also donating $10 for every #idahobabies posted on Facebook and Twitter.
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