Commons Climbing Gym partners with Crush the Curve for vaccinations

Posted at 12:18 PM, Sep 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-10 14:18:53-04

The Commons Climbing Gym is a labor of love as several climbers came together to build a new gym on the Boise Bench for climbers, but the timing didn't work out very well as the Commons opened in February, 2020 and a month later had to close because of the pandemic.

"This year we had a better year, but then with this latest surge of course it is tenuous again," said Mary DeWalt one of the owners. "But that is one of the reasons we want people to get healthy and stay healthy."

This Saturday the Commons Climbing Gym is partnering with Crush the Curve Idaho to bring a mobile vaccination clinic to the gym, people can get the vaccine for free from noon to three.

"The Commons Climbing Gym is very concerned about the health of our community we are a fitness center after all and we like to do a lot of different things to help our community stay healthy," said DeWalt. "Getting vaccinated as we know is one of those things."

People that show up to get the vaccine will also get a free starter package at the gym which includes a day pass, equipment rental and instructions on how to work with ropes and belay other climbers.

We went down to the gym and got a lesson from Mary and her husband Scott, because it can be a little intimidating working with ropes for the first time.

"We have some routes that are very easy, anyone can get on the wall and up the wall pretty easily," said DeWalt. "Our staff is wonderful about running through the process on the safety checks on all of the equipment."

Trying to make it up that 45-foot wall.

But the Commons Climbing Gym also has a 45-foot wall which I tried to climb, but I honestly ran out of energy and definitely used my upper body muscles more than I should of, but it was fun to try and piece together the puzzle on the wall.

"It’s also good for the mind and during this period people are struggling in lots of ways," said DeWalt. "So getting on a wall helps you focus and it is also a stress reliever because you can just work it out on the wall."

Even if you come down to the gym to get the vaccine but it doesn't fit in your schedule to climb on Saturday, the Commons will provide vouchers that can be used at a later date.