College of Idaho football player, Camille Massaad, also serves as the student government president

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Posted at 4:26 PM, Sep 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-24 18:26:50-04

CALDWELL, Idaho — Being a college athlete is often compared to a full time job. With balancing a sport and school, there doesn't seem to be much time to do other things. Don't tell Camille Massaad that.

Massaad is not only a captain on the College of Idaho football team and a pre-med student, he also serves as the student body president. Juggling all those responsibilities is something his head coach, Mike Moroski, is impressed by.

“Well he’s unbelievable really," Moroski Said. "He’s probably the best I’ve ever been around in terms of the school, life, work balance and so he’s just an impressive kid.”

Responsibility was never foreign to Massaad. He is the oldest of five brothers, so it came with the territory. Being the big brother of the family taught him that there were things in life that were bigger than himself. His family, as well as his Lebanese culture, is crucial to Massaad. His mother often checks up on him and he says his father taught him how to balance responsibility. He cherishes the times he gets to talk to his grandmother, especially because she speaks to him in Lebanese.

“I get a call from her every three hours," Massaad said about his grandmother. "And I try my best to pick up the phone. And it’s an awesome conversation. She checks up on me, Am I fed? Am I hungry? How’s my ankle doing? Am I healthy? How’s school going? Every three hours I get to talk to my grandma and it’s just special.”

The selfless attitude doesn't stop with his family. That philosophy is instilled by Moroski too, and it carries over to his team.

“You know Coach Mo (Moroski) takes care of that for us," Said Massaad. "He really teaches us that it’s bigger than just yourself. If you do your job and everyone else does their job, the outcome benefits the team."

Massaad is also a difference maker on the field. He has started several games in the last couple of seasons for the Yotes and he was made team captain because of his impact.

His position coach, Greg Stewart, highlights Massaad's footwork and power, something likely strengthened by Massaad playing power forward for his high school basketball team. Stewart also says that Massaad's intensity and motor set him a part.

"You’re going to have some good days and some bad days," Stewart said about Massaad's work ethic every day. "But you’re going to get a brand new 24 when 12 o’clock hits, and (Massaad) is that."

Not a lot of people can do what Massaad is able to, both on the field and off it.

His impact is something Stewart thinks will be a felt at the College of Idaho for a long time.

"We ask our recruits, like hey you want to follow somebody? Look at this giant," Said Stewart about Massaad. "When this giant leaves our football program, we’re going to be standing on his shoulders for years to come.”