College of Idaho and College of Western Idaho announce Yote Track transfer program

Posted at 9:51 AM, Oct 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-23 11:51:33-04

NAMPA, Idaho — The College of Idaho and College of Western Idaho are teaming up for a partnership titled “Yote Track” to provide CWI students a smooth transfer process to The College of Idaho.

The new agreement allows CWI students access to benefits provided by The College of Idaho and ensures an efficient transition while the students complete their two-year associate degree. This new program includes automatic admission for CWI students with a 3.0 Grade Point Average or higher, priority registration for their first semester, access to the state-of-the-art Cruzen-Murray Library on The College of Idaho campus, and other benefits, prior and during the transfer process.

“It’s really crucial that students in the state of Idaho and elsewhere do their very best to finish out a full four-year educational experience,” said College of Idaho Vice President of Academic Affairs David Douglass. “To that end, we’ve initiated this relationship.”

Douglass noted during a news conference announcing Yote Track on the CWI campus that this type of partnership to seamlessly transition from a two-year community college to a four-year liberal arts school provides students affordability, access and vocational discernment.

College of Western Idaho president Bert Glandon began working on an articulation agreement with College of Idaho co-presidents Doug Brigham and Jim Everett nearly 18 months ago and says he is pleased with the opportunity the Yote Track provides CWI graduates.

“It is really an advanced opportunity for students to have the kind of experience and opportunity to go on to a premiere, four-year liberal arts college that really has student success invested in them from day one,” Glandon said. “We’re very proud, and we’re honored, and we’re privileged to be able to say we are a partner with The College of Idaho.”

College of Idaho co-president Doug Brigham credits Glandon with moving the process forward to the benefit of both schools.

“Bert had this tremendous, can-do, let’s make it happen attitude, and that was so refreshing to us,” said Brigham. “I think a lot of the outcomes today with Yote Track are because of that can-do attitude on both sides.”

As students work to finish an associate degree at the College of Western Idaho, the Yote Track will allow them to take advantage of several benefits, including:
- Automatic admission to The College of Idaho upon successful completion of an associate of arts or associate of science degree with a 3.0 or higher GPA
- Scholarship opportunities
- Dedicated College of Idaho transfer enrollment counselor to facilitate the application and admission process
- Free admission to select Yote athletic events
- 15-percent discount at the College Store
- Coordinated academic advising between CWI and The College of Idaho
- Mentorship opportunities
- Priority registration during transfer term
- Access to Cruzen-Murray Library