Close to 200 people become naturalized citizens after ceremony in Nampa

Posted at 8:51 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 22:51:42-04

One hundred and ninety-five people from forty-seven different countries are now citizens of the United States. They were sworn in by a judge during a Naturalization Ceremony at the Nampa Civic Center Thursday afternoon. Some of their loved ones watched and cheered on during the ceremony. 

"I'm glad, I'm really glad that I have an opportunity to be part of the United States of America," said Paul Egbe who just became a citizen. 

Paul is from Cameroon and like many who became a citizen during the ceremony, he has been living in the United States for five years with a green card. After sending in documents to the government, showing skill in the English language and taking a test on U.S. history and politics, Paul and the others received a certification of naturalization. 

"It takes commitment and time for you to fill those documents and I had the commitment and time. I knew it was important," said Egbe.

Paul hopes to become a music producer and is studying business and music at college. While he is still chasing his American dream, Paul believes it can come true if he works hard enough

"Anything is possible, the goal is to realize the dream it's a nation that any dream can come to pass," said Paul. 

Do you know how many voting members are in the House of Representatives? Name three of the thirteen original states? Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Those are just some of the possible question people hoping to become naturalized citizens have to answer and some of them are harder than you think. Click here to do a practice test.