Clearing up some of your questions about the interview with deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland

Posted at 11:19 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 10:51:05-04
Comments have been pouring on both sides of the debate, so we wanted to take a closer look and address some of your questions aboutthe interview with Deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland.
The number one question that was asked, "you allowed the deputies to give their side of the story, but what about the Yantis Family?"
We did reach out to the Yantis family immediately following the shooting, and within the last few days. They've decided to remain silent for now. Back in December, we sat down with Donna Yantis for an exclusive interview.
Jenny Anderson Garrett said, "I'm not sure whey they even called Jack. It seems to me they had more than enough ammo to take out a bull. One well placed shot is all it takes."
Deputy Brian Wood explained, "the bull laid down near the front of a truck and then needed to be put down. We were about to do that when the rancher showed up. That's normally his job, his responsibility so we decided to sit back and let him do that. That's when things changed rapidly." 
Deputy Cody Roland said, "there is some confusion as to why Brian did not shoot him in the head and kill him immediately. When an animal like that is moving at night Brian is responsible for every round that is fired. If he would have attempted to shoot that bull in the head and missed and would have hit a vehicle, EMT personnel, that is not the chance you take."
Tom McReynolds comments, "very leading questions KIVI."
Several hard questions were asked during the interview by reporter Lacey Darrow such as "Donna Yantis says that you murdered her husband, is that the case?" As well as "Mr. Yantis had a bolt action rifle and you guys are fairly versed in weapons so why with what you were up against did you shoot him as many times as you did?" We even asked about the allegations regarding the attempt to locate, allegations of domestic violence, and threats against the department. 
A.J. Ellis said "there were three witnesses other than Yantis' killers who were there. 
According to the AG's report, the investigation resulted in more than 50 witness interviews
Ashley Marie Childers wrote "more pressing matters than an entire county that has two unpredictable and dangerous deputies back on duty." 
When we spoke with them, they said they were still on paid administrative leave with the department and are unsure of their futures.
As comments keep coming in, we will continue to monitor them. If you've got questions, we would love to hear them.