City seeks public comments on Ann Morrison Park master plan

Posted at 9:19 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 00:19:02-04
Could a swimming pool come to Ann Morrison Park? How about an off-leash dog area? The possibilities are endless. City leaders in Boise are looking to update the park's master plan. It has not been changed since 1959. 
"You think of New York. It's got its Central Park, right? This is like a Central Park for Boise," said Justin Wilkerson of the Harry W. Morrison Foundation
After almost 60 years, Boise Parks and Recreation says it is time to start looking at, and improving, Ann Morrison Park -- a place many consider to be one of Boise's crown jewels along the river. 
"[It offers] 153 acres of open space, in the heart of an urban area, where people can come and have active or passive recreation," said Boise's superintendent of parks Tom Governale.
Along with the Harry W. Morrison Foundation, the city is looking at numerous possible changes. From from parking and park and water access. Even modifying the fountain to make it more kid friendly. 
"Still have that value of a showpiece in the park, but make it more interactive for children and families," explained Governale.
But city leaders also want to hear from the public. At a meeting in the park, residents expressed what they would like to see change at Ann Morrison Park.
"I think I'd like to have a better way to drive through the park. I think the way it's organized right now is confusing," said one park-goer.
"I think maybe it would be nice to have a larger shelter," said another.
Residents have also been asked to fill out an online survey. Official say over 400 people have already made their voices heard. The public comment period ends on July 25th.
"Hopefully we will get a lot of input from the public and get some good ideas," said Wilkerson.