City of Nampa receives recycled wastewater permit

Posted at 4:29 AM, Feb 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-12 06:29:47-05

NAMPA, Idaho — The Department of Environmental quality has issued the City of Nampa a reuse permit which will allow highly treated, Class A, recycled water to be used for irrigation and industrial needs in the community. The 10-year permit is the first of its kind issued to a city in Idaho.

Mayor Kling said, “To have received the first recycled water permit of its kind in Idaho took collaboration with key stakeholders and years of research and planning. Thank you to Nampa’s Wastewater Advisory Group who supported the vision of using recycled water for the benefit of our local community. This is a huge accomplishment and I wish to congratulate the staff, community members, and Pioneer Irrigation District who worked to make this idea a reality. The decision to reuse Nampa’s water in this way will benefit generations to come.”

The recycled water program came out of a recommendation from Nampa’s Wastewater Advisory Group (NWAG) in response to changing regulatory standards from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This innovative opportunity to reuse water resources will support the community’s growing water needs and commitment to environmental stewardship. Nampa's recycled water program will provide highly treated, Class A water to be used in the community in a variety of ways including irrigation, fire protection, and commercial and residential landscaping.

Nampa discharges approximately 11 million gallons of treated recycled water into Indian Creek every day. Implementing a recycled water program creates a clear path forward for the City to achieve NPDES permit compliance five years ahead of the 2031 deadline and eliminates Phase III (temperature project) from the wastewater upgrades project and saves the City of Nampa’s customers around $17 million. The city anticipates delivering recycled Class A water into the Phyllis Canal beginning in 2026.

The City of Nampa plans to hold an open house for the community to learn more about the recycled water program during Public Works Week in May. For more information about the City of Nampa’s recycled water program, click here.

The recycled water program will operate under the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Recycled Water Rules and Reuse Permit which outlines monitoring and regulatory requirements to ensure optimal safety for the City of Nampa.