City of Meridian is flushing water pipes

Don't worry if your water has an odd taste
Posted at 5:28 AM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-27 07:28:48-04

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Meridian Residents are expressing concern over an odd taste and smell in their water over the past few days.

But city officials say there is no need to work, they are just wrapping up the annual spring waterline flushing.

"If they do come across this, there is no danger. We meet all federal and State drinking water regulations. But what we do want to encourage our customers, if they do see that, to refrain from any laundry, making ice and so on and so forth, said Dennis Teller, the Meridian water superintendent. "Flush their cold water, mainly their tubs if they can, to try ti get it to clean up. If they can't get it to clean up, if they could please contact us, and we'll see what we can do in their area to get it clean."

Flushing is taking place right now in neighborhoods in north Meridian between Chinden and McMillan and in south Meridian south of Victory Road.

Homes may see discoloration in their water or a fluctuation in water pressure. It is just temporary as the water flushing will continue for another week.