Citizens file petition to slow down Meridian Costco development

Posted at 4:39 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 18:39:06-04

Three citizens are trying to stop a proposed Costco development that the Meridian City Council approved on April 4, the proposed location is next to neighborhoods near the corner of Ten Mile Road and Chinden Boulevards.

Rickey Burke, Robert Neufeld and David Reyes filed a petition for a judicial review against the City of Meridian in accordance with Idaho Code 67-6521 on the grounds that these plaintiffs claim that the Costco will cause harm to their property interests.

These three citizens live in the three different subdivisions that surround where the Costco would be built, however, there are people who welcome a Costco to this part of town.

Both the City of Meridian and the lawyer representing the plaintiffs wouldn't comment on the petition while it's under litigation, the petition requests the city provide copies of all the proceedings leading up to the city council's decision, the city attorney said they would provide that material.

However, it will take some time, the petition that was filed on June 12 gives the city 42 days and this process could drag on longer than that.

The plaintiffs filed a request for reconsideration on May 8, the city denied that request on May 22.

That city council meeting was packed back on April 4 and the decision to approve the Costco didn't come until 1:00 a.m. but the people who showed up to voice their opinions felt like they weren't heard.

"They had already made up their mind and our opinions went nowhere like we were talking to a mall," said Michael Mischo who lives next to the proposed development.

However, Mischo's daughters who live in the same subdivision welcome the Costco.

"They would like to shop there, they like the convenience and I can't argue with that," said Costco. "I think it is going to get built eventually regardless of what we want."