Cirque Du Soleil performing 'OVO' at ExtraMile Arena

Posted at 3:17 AM, Feb 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-28 05:17:43-05

Cirque Du Soleil is performing 'OVO' at ExtraMile Arena on the Boise State campus this week. OVO, meaning egg in Portuguese, follows a group of insects who become curious about a mysterious egg that appears in their habitat. The egg represents the cycle of their lives.

The Boise State gymnastics team got a behind the scenes look of the rehearsal process Thursday.

"I think it will remind some of why they do what they do that they get to do what they love and fall in love with a sport as a young kid," said Tina Bird, BSU head gymnastics coach. "This just shows the dedication of the artists that are in the Cirque show and that it's an opportunity for them to pursue after there career if they want. I think it's just neat to be invited to be up close and personal because we know how much training and athleticism it takes to go into this, so just to be able to see it up close and personal is exciting."

OVO combines elements of dance, acrobatics, athleticism and agility. The show involves an acrobat trio, juggling ants, a cocoon contortionist and silks routine and 'Creatura,' described as part slinky and part insect. To see all the acts involved in OVO, click here.

"It definitely takes balance and skill and mental strength. It's also about the performing which you also do in gymnastics especially on floor," said Tatum Bruden, BSU Gymnast. "I have never been to one, so this is really interesting. It's cool to see how it relates to gymnastics too."

Most characters in the show had two different versions of their costumes. One is more lightweight and functional for acrobatic performances. The second is detailed and heavier, designed for life in the community. Some of the initial costume designs required 75 hours of work because of the complexity and different needs from the costumes.

"My favorite part in being in wardrobe is basically doing my part that is bigger than myself. And we get to do this big amazing show that people have a lot of fun seeing and they really enjoy it. They have to cover their face. They have to cover their hair," said Mariah McDonald, Assistant Head of Wardrobe. "So, it's like they have to completely engulf themselves in the character of being a bug on stage. We have wings we have hats with mushrooms on them. We have antennas. We have eyeballs, feathers, fur, everything so there is a lot of maintenance that goes on in the show."

Several shows are happening through Sunday at ExtraMile Arena. Tickets are still available and start at $39.