Idaho churches host virtual sermons and parking lot gatherings during pandemic

Posted at 3:04 PM, Apr 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-12 20:44:17-04

NAMPA, Idaho — Churches all over the Treasure Valley held their Easter sermons online Sunday because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It was certainly a different kind of Easter; even the governor attended a service remotely. Governor Brad Little wrote in an opinion piece that Easter Sunday will be a day "of quiet, personal reflection and prayer."

The Bethel Church of Nazarene in Nampa was just one of the churches that held their service in an empty church, as people listened to the sermon virtually from their homes. The congregation at the church also planned a social distancing parade, however, so that they could be together -- yet apart -- on Easter.

"It's Easter I have to celebrate Easter," said Leola Parke, who organized the parade. "So we got to talking, and thought this was a safe way to celebrate Easter."

Around a dozen cars drove around the church parking lot with signs. Each family stayed in their own car, but it still brought the church family together.

"To see someone eye-to-eye, even if it is through the car window, there is more of a sense of community," said Parke. "We are just in this together and I want to share with my church family more than anybody they mean the world to me."