Charitable clinics still needed even after passage of Prop 2

Posted at 4:15 PM, Nov 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-28 19:09:20-05

The passage of proposition 2 on election day will mean thousands more will have access to Medicaid because of the expansion program. Still, there are some that remain in limbo even with the change. 


11 charitable clinics are trying to help those uninsured. The Idaho Association of Free and Charitable Clinics says their services are still needed. There's several factors for why people don't qualify even with the expansion, such as immigration status and those who back and forth between Medicaid eligibility. 

"The role of free and charitable clinics is really important, on average for every dollar that's donated we're able to leverage that for 5 dollars in service so we save the state a lot of money," said president of the association Josh Campbell. 


Charitable clinics serve between 5,000 and 7,000 different people every year. 


List of clinics:

Canyon County Community Clinic- 524 Cleveland Blvd, Suite 110 (Caldwell)

Vineyard Medical Clinic - 4950 No. Bradley St. (Garden City)

Snake River Community Clinic- 215 10th St. (Lewiston) 

Wellness Tree Community Clinic- 173 Martin St. (Twin Falls) 

Friendship Clinic- 704 S. Latah St. (Boise)

Genesis Community Clinic- 215 W. 35th St. (Garden City) 

Pocatello Free Clinic- 429 Washington (Pocatello) 

Bonner Partners in Care Clinic- 2101 Pine St. (Sandpoint) 

St. Maries Volunteer Community Clinic- 137 8th St. (St. Maries) 

Care House Partnerships- 601 16th Ave. S (Nampa) 

Good Samaritan Clinic- 113 S. Apple St. (Shoshone)