Changes around Main Street Station

New light for transit buses
Posted at 7:50 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 09:57:16-04

With the new transit center, Main Street Station, in the basement of the new Clearwater Building, comes a ramp buses will use to enter main street.

"So basically you have two one-way streets and they both stop for a short amount of time and the buses exit to avoid any conflicts with the rest of surrounding traffic," said Jacob Hassard, Valley Transit Center.

The bus signal for the ramp has been installed, but it is not functioning as part of the intersection until training for the transportation center begins.

A new pedestrian signal that runs northbound along Capital Boulevard notifies people to stop and watch for transit buses. Bicyclists are asked to stop to take a look down the ramp to ensure a bus is not coming.

Completion of the project is pending on final touches with the builder and inspections with the city. Once the project is finished, training for bus drivers will occur during the month of October.

Hassard says at this point, Main Street Station should be open by the end of October.