Catching up with former BSU coach Dan Hawkins

Posted at 6:38 PM, Feb 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-23 20:38:50-05

Former Boise State Head Coach Dan Hawkins certainty has his role in Boise history including four straight WAC titles and an iconic burger restaurant named in his honor on Bogus Basin Road.

Hawkins hasn’t coached a college game since 2010 but it hasn’t stopped him from embracing all things football.

“To me coaching is coaching you know?  I coached my grandson’s flag football team here last spring and I’m coaching my granddaughter’s Upwards basketball team right now,” Hawkins said. “When you’re able to touch somebody and help somebody and improve their lives, it’s really awesome.”

The legendary status of Hawkins’ career has resulted in his own son working the sidelines.

Cody Hawkins just wrapped up his first season at West View High School in Portland, Oregon as the offensive coordinator.

“He had a great year this year. A good little playoff run.  He works for Nike.  He and I have run around the globe doing some camps,” Hawkins proudly explains. “We were in Australia. We are going to Germany and we are going to Ireland and Vienna. Gridiron Australia wants him to be the head coach of their program. He needs to get his master’s degree and then can get his anchor down.”

When Hawkins isn’t busy coaching, he is traveling as an ESPN college football analyst.

“I have learned a lot of football doing it. As you know, it’s not as easy on that side of the camera as you think it is.  As all my Twitter followers would tell me weekly,” Hawkins admits.

Hawkins hasn’t ruled out coaching college division one football again if the right opportunity arose.

“I was the hot guy. Now I’m the not guy but I know a lot more football than I did a long time ago.”