Canyon County unveils innovative jail for women made out of semi-trailers

Posted at 2:51 PM, Jan 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-31 20:51:35-05

CALDWELL, Idaho — The Canyon County Sheriff's Office took us on a tour of their new facility, it's called Pod 6 and it can house up to 122 inmates.

This innovative design is a temporary solution to overcrowding in the jail system and it was created from 28 semi-trailers that were welded together into a unique facility.

“I’m astounded quite frankly on how this thing came together, what it looks like on the inside and the functionality, the ease of operation for us," said Sheriff Kieran Donahue. "I’m a big proponent of having this type of facility as a temporary fix, I’m more than pleased."

Pod 6 will be used to hold female inmates which will provide more room in the Dale Hale Detention Center, it's a temporary band-aid for time being.

All Detainment Solutions a company out of Missouri built this facility, they have a 5-7 year lease at a cost of around $13 million with Canyon County, ADS used local businesses for a lot of the work.

"So our contractors we are very proud and thankful to have them on sight," said Michael Shuey of All Detainment Solutions. "They put the final touches together and connected the systems between all the different components.”

Even though the facility is built using semi-trailers, a team effort ensured the detention center has the proper safety and security measures which includes dozens of cameras and a control room where deputies can monitor the inmates.

Pod 6 also includes a classroom that doubles as a work-group area, there are two outdoor recreation centers one of which has access to a panel where maintenance can be performed on the system without going into the prison, there's a maximum security wing, a room dedicated to the medical care of the inmates and the facility is unique in that it has a lot of natural light.

"In the end you have a facility that is pretty robust and will last a long time," said Shuey.

Pod 6 is a temporary solution and Kieran Donahue warns that steps need to be taken to address overcrowding, not only in Canyon County, but also in the state.

"We’ve got to do something about spending our money wisely, we have got to have some options and I always go back to this local option tax with property tax relief to the tax payers," said Donahue.

Canyon County voters have routinely voted against a bond that would bring a permanent new jail to Canyon County, but when the jails get overcrowded it costs the county $75 a day to send inmates to other places.