Campaign and petition launch to support undocumented communities to earn driver's license

Posted at 9:16 PM, Dec 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-16 10:22:12-05

IDAHO — As we inch closer to the 2021 legislative session, the ACLU of Idaho and Poder of Idahoare raising more awareness about the "Manejando Sin Miedo" campaign, which means "Driving without Fear." This movement is pushing for a possible bill that would allow undocumented individuals to obtain a driver's license in Idaho.

"As an organizer for the last 15 years. I've seen renditions of the licenses campaigns come up, but it has never had kind of the chance that this piece of legislation would have," Estefania Mondragon Executive Director of Poder of Idaho, said. "Poder (of Idaho) was looking just speaking with the community first, and the dairymen's were actually working on this issue separately."

On Facebook, ACLU of Idaho confirmed the Dairymen's Association has plans to introduce a possible bill for next year's legislative session.

"There were some parts of the bills that we really like, which are the privacy protections, which mean that folk's information, folk that applies for these authorization cards their information will be protected and would not be share with law enforcement that share with ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement)," Mondragon said.

Mondragon said they have a petition available, aiming to get support and feedback from the community.

"Our goal is to get our communities voice at the forefront and to be heard. A lot of Latinos, we don't have a lot of representation in the statehouse, and we don't have a lot of representation at the local level as well," Mondragon explained. "This is an opportunity for our communities to be heard through the legislative process."