Camel's Back erosion control methods under consideration

Public invited to give suggestions online
Posted at 11:10 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 01:10:25-04
The City of Boise says they'd like the public to comment on two methods presented to control erosion at the top of Camel's Back: One being separated segments of natural stone stairs; the other, a single, bent segment.  In either case, they say the time has come to decide upon an appropriate remedy that could turn the 'single hump' at Camel's Back into two.
Erosion mitigation efforts began 2006. At present, this repair job is funded for this year and can begin as soon as a design is bid on an accepted, and when the weather is favorable for doing these kinds of repairs. Toby Norton, Project Coordinator for the City of Boise, says it might be completed by Winter of 2016, or Spring of 2017.
At the meeting, attendees overwhelmingly (15-3) favored the single, bent segment of stairs over the one with 3 segments.  Criticism of the 3-section solution included possibly increased costs and design factors that might encourage people to go around the stairs.