Caldwell unveils "We the Family" community initiative

Posted at 10:37 PM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-01 00:37:39-04

When it comes to family fun and safety, is Caldwell making a dazzling comeback? City officials are certainly trying.

"It's just a wonderful feeling, to say that, you know, this is Caldwell. And we love Caldwell for what it is and how it has grown," said Debbie Geyer, Caldwell City Clerk.

The city is launching a local events resource called "We the Family," and it lives on the city's website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

"It's several community, activities, organizations, coming together and saying, 'Caldwell's the place to be. Plug in."

And "plug in" is exactly what one Caldwell mother did; she found out about Friday's "Cool Summer Nights" event through the "We the Family" Facebook page.

"And it makes you feel like they want to put an effort in the town," said Vanessa Hendricks, Caldwell resident and mother. "Just make you feel at home and welcome and stuff."

And city officials are urging people to use #familycaldwell on their photos as a marketing tool.

"Social media takes on a really forward-thinking part of what we're doing because that's where people are," said Fiona May, Youth Services Supervisor at Caldwell Public Library.

And "where people are" is a main motivation for the initiative.

"Some people don't have the availability of transportation, and those resources, and so we want them to know that there's things right here in their own community," said Geyer.

Hendricks says she hopes "We the Family" thrives because it allows residents to be more social with one another.

"You get to meet other families and make friends and everything," said Hendricks.