Caldwell schools getting upgrades before academic year begins

Posted at 3:27 PM, Jun 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-25 14:49:59-04

CALDWELL — Sacajawea Elementary School is getting a much needed revamp from top to bottom.

"The seam over here, it's all coming up," said Bernie Carreira, director of maintenance for Caldwell School District.

Voters approved a 10-year maintenance levy to support the backlog of maintenance needs in the district. This year, Sacajawea's budget for construction is over $440,000 going towards fixing floors, walls and everything in between.

"Construction is quite expensive and the school has been not addressed for quite some time," said Carreira.

Constructions only a few weeks in, but some of the more exciting improvements are happening outside.

"Some of the old things that were out of compliance with were the playground equipment that we have replaced and now it is up to standards," said Carreira.

The dangerous crosswalk areas in front of the school on Illinois Avenue, which 6 On Your Side's reportin February found services up to 100 kids walking to school, is also getting a safety upgrade.

"Right now the city is doing work on the crosswalks and sidewalks, which I hope to have, we hope to have those all taken care of by the time school starts as well," said Carreira.

Over $500,000 is going to Syringa Middle School for a full abatement of asbestos tiles and re-flooring. There are also funds for re-roofing at Canyon Springs, Indian Creek Academy and bathroom upgrades at other elementary schools.

"It's going to be surprising, they're going to be pretty shocked because it's going to look completely different," said Carreira.

The full breakdown of costs for all the summer construction projects for the Caldwell School District:

  • Construction Budget for Sacajawea is $444,893
  • Construction Budget for Syringa is $587,475
  • Re-Roof for Maintenance Roof $158,975
  • Re-roof Phase II for Canyon Springs is $337,296
  • Re-roof Phase II for Indian Creek Academy is $92,883
  • Bathroom floor upgrade for Van Buren Elementary $5852
  • Bathroom floor upgrade for Washington Elementary $5852