Caldwell PD wives group helps retain officers

Posted at 10:55 PM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 00:55:29-04

The Caldwell Police Department is fighting turn overs through family.

Some say behind every great man is a great woman. The wives of Caldwell Police Officers are coming together for a common goal. They recently formed the 42 crew.

"We were losing some people, and I wanted this department the spouses to feel a part of it just as much as the officers do,"So we created this in hopes that we get some retention," Mylinbda Hoadley, Founder 42 Crew.

Over the years the department has seen a high turn over rate because Caldwell PD has had a hard time competing with other agencies in the Treasure Valley. Caldwell Police Chief Frank Wyant says he see people go all the time citing lack of pay and location as their main concerns. So when the chief heard about a wives group determined to keep the family together, he was immediately onboard.

"I think money is a driving force sometimes, but when people feel disconnected from their job, they don't feel appreciated, they don't feel like people care about them they tend to look other places," said Wyant.

Hoadley is behind the newly formed group. She says she thought only a few wives would join, but as the news spread about a wives club, everyone wanted to be apart of it. 
About 20 women showed up to the first meeting in February. Since then their numbers have double on Facebook, The women plan family outings, community service projects and wine nights. 
 It is also has served as a support group for the women.

"There are always different agencies that are hiring, and I can say in the past my husband would always look or hear about opportunities and now for us that is not an option," said Denis McGrew, 42 Crew Member.