Caldwell PD needs help in finding burglars

Posted at 9:21 PM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 23:21:30-04

Caldwell Police need your help after a string of burglaries hit the area. Heather Northrup is fed up after her vehicle was burglarized Saturday evening. 

"They are bouncing house from house throughout the neighborhoods trying to find vehicles that have unlocked cars and stealing whatever they can," said Northrup.

"I get kind of angry sometimes because there is a lot of people the property that they have worked hard for is getting ripped off," said Captain Devin Riley, With the Caldwell Police Department.

In the last three weeks, multiple vehicles in various neighborhoods have been the target, and there is one item that they are hunting for specific items.

"The number one thing taken is spare change and garage door openers," said Riley.

Although these individuals are just stealing spare change, they are looking at felony charges for breaking and entering. Plus with those garage door openers, they now have access to peoples houses.

Northrup says has an idea as to who it is. In fact, she and her husband caught one of the acts all on tape. 

"What we figured out what they are doing is they are rolling around in the wee hours of the morning with their car lights off. they have one driver and anywhere from one to three guys," said Northrup.

Captain Riley says after examining the video; he noticed that most of the house that was hit had their porch light off. He says the getaway car is a dark four-door sedan. He suggests the folks keep their car doors locked and be vigilant. As far as leads they have taken prints and they are just waiting for those results to come in.

If you see anything, suspicious Caldwell at (208) 455-3115