Caldwell men preserve Idaho racing history

Posted at 8:11 PM, Mar 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-18 22:11:28-04

Two Caldwell men are spending their days making sure Idahoans know their rich history when it comes to cars and racing.

The museum started off as just a hobby and turned into a place that now features more than 5-thousand pictures and memorabilia.

"We have been putting these scrapbooks together for 16 years now, and we must have about 50 of them,"  Stan Fuller said. 

Stan Fuller and Steve Towery started the Idaho Historical Racing Society back in 2002.

When they started the group, it was just a way for car lovers to get together and reminisce about the good old days.  

"Wouldn't it be neat if we had one place in the valley where people could bring their vintage historical photo's and trophies and racing car parts and helmets and so forth and we would collect it so people could have one central place to come to, " Fuller explained. 

"We have cars of all kind," Towery added.

As time went on the Caldwell men started realizing the racing world intertwined with a lot of peoples history here in the valley.  

"The same families are still racing," Towery said.

"It's historical, and we want to preserve it," Fuller said. 

Racing runs in Fullers family his dad raced at Meridian Speedway when he was a kid. 

While searching for new additions to the collection, it led him to an old family keepsake which is now close to his heart.

"My dad parted the car out in the 1980s, and I found the car in a yard in 2002. So it was actually lost for 22 years, and I feel like I won the lottery when I found the car," Fuller said.

"We have had some of the best race car drivers strapped in a car come and race at Meridian Speedway," Towery said.

The men say they do this out of their love for racing and they do not take donations.