Caldwell firefighters rescue a man from a burning home

Posted at 3:50 PM, Dec 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-07 17:50:20-05

At 6:50 a.m the Caldwell Fire Department responded to a house fire and the temperature this morning was 13 degrees.

The cold temperatures didn't stop the firefighters from getting out their ladders to rescue a man from the upper level of a home that was on fire.

According to Battalion Chief Tim Scott, the fire started in the basement when some plastic that was too close to a heat source caught on fire.

"The guys performed very well," said Scott. "You revert back to that training when you are in a situation like that."

Scott told us there are many challenges that come with battling a blaze in the cold including hoses freezing to the ground, the water shooting from the hose creating slick surfaces, especially on the roof after that water freezes and the effects the temperature has on the firefighters themselves.

"Canyon County Paramedics assist us at all times on fires and they come out and set up a rehab station where guys can go in and get checked out, get warmed up and hydrated," said Scott. "We need to make sure we have enough guys so we can rotate guys in and out."

Scott said that homeowners should check their furnace once a year, check extension cords or Christmas lights to make sure they are clear of fire hazards and he says the biggest cause of a fire this time of year are space heaters.

He advises people to check their smoke detectors and told us fire departments will come to check on them for free, in addition during the winter months a working carbon monoxide detector can save lives.

Fortunately in this fire, nobody got injured, however, residents of the home were left out in the cold after their home suffered significant damage.

"The Caldwell Fire Department with our burn out fund has provided shelter for the occupants and they are also working with the Red Cross to give them the assistance that they need," said Scott.