Businesses in Idaho City hurt by Pioneer fire

Posted at 5:31 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 11:14:31-04

At the Idaho City Visitors Center, Dee Woodstrom isn't selling many souvenirs. Instead, she's helping travelers navigate around the Pioneer Fire.

"20 people come in the whole day right now and normally I would have triple that during the week," Woodstrom said.

Since the fire broke out, the historic town's economy has taken a hit. Summer is normally their busy season but the smoke from the Pioneer Fire and road closures have kept many tourists away. Some businesses say they've seen as much as a 70 percent drop in sales because of the fire.

"Ever since it started it's been slow in town. Everywhere's been slow we're not getting the people, the riders up cause it's so smoky out. There not a lot of stuff to do when all the highways are closed," said Kimberly Stanert of Harley's Pub.

Still, many store owners believe the town will bounce back. Two events including Idaho City Days are planned for the coming weeks. They hope those events will bring in much-needed dollars to their small downtown so they can see another season.

"We're probably going to struggle this winter but I still, the forecast will be just fine," said Stanert.

"I just want everybody to come up here and visit us. It's a great place to come to," said Woodstrom.