Bureau of Land Management continues wild horse adoptions south of Boise

Posted at 9:04 PM, Jan 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-21 23:04:35-05

If you plan to head out into the open range anytime soon, the Bureau of Land Management has you covered if your looking for a new ride.The BLM finished hosting a three day Wild Horse and Burro adoption event south of Boise on Saturday, but they do allow walk-in adoptions year round.

They currently have more than 150 horses from across the west, Including 40 that aren't up for adoption from the area burned in the soda fire.

"They are very hardy they have good feet they can be used for a wide verity of things packing, trails, just whatever you want use them for they're great," said Ruby Kyle a Wild Horse and Burro wrangler with the Bureau of Land Management.

BLM officials say they take in wild horses to keep the population under control since the animals have no natural predators. All of the animals have been fixed and vaccinated, but are not trained. They have adopted 26 animals since October.

For more information contact Raul Trevino, Boise District Wild Horse Specialist, at (208) 830-4522 for any additional questions about adopting a wild horse from the Boise Wild Horse Corrals.