Bundy defends sheriff under investigation

Posted at 9:41 PM, Mar 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-14 23:41:07-04
In a jailhouse recording released Sunday, Ammon Bundy comes to the defense of Sheriff Glenn Palmer who is currently under investigation for meeting with some of the occupiers during the armed militia takeover at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.
"Sheriff Palmer is the only sheriff in Oregon that I know of that did not allow himself to get caught up in the political deception that the people of Burns were in danger while we were at the refuge," said Bundy in an audio recording posted online to the Bundy Ranch Facebook page.
The Oregon Department that certifies police officers is investigating nine complaints against Sheriff Palmer, including one from the John Day police chief and the manager of the local dispatch center, who said that Palmer's actions put the community in danger. 
Bundy explained that people from around many different areas of Harney County brought the occupiers food, invited them to their homes, and set up community meetings so the occupiers could speak to the people about their rights, and it was other influences in Harney County that were the real danger. 
"The fact is that bringing all that law enforcement to Burns put the people in much greater danger than we were 30 miles out of town," said Bundy.
Bundy goes on to say that Sheriff Palmer went straight to the source to find out the truth about the occupiers.
The truth, Bundy said is that they are good, hardworking people that love America and would not hurt anyone.
"It is my belief that because of Sheriff Palmer's commitment to the people and his oath to uphold the constitution, he withheld his participation in Sheriff Ward and Sheriff Grasty's ploy that the people of Burns were in danger and needed Marshall law," said Bundy,
Bundy said that he believes law enforcement power is given to the individual through the vote of the people, and only the people should be able to take it away.
"I encourage all people who love to be free to stand with Sheriff Palmer and help defend the people's power as a republic," said Bundy. "Let us remember that many are suffering and many gave their all to ensure that the power stays in the people's hands. With love, respect, and gratitude, Ammon Bundy."
If Palmer is found to have violated standards, he could lose his police certification.