"Bug Day" takes over Idaho Botanical Garden

Posted at 6:02 PM, Aug 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-24 20:02:37-04

BOISE, Idaho — From edible insects and bug bingo to a ladybug release and insect Olympics, today was all about bugs at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

The event aims to educate young children about the importance of bugs in our environment.

Event director, Tracylea Balmer says, "Today we're having Bug Day which is helping to fulfill one of Idaho Botanical Garden's goals of connecting people with nature. We have things like insect safari so you can go capture some bugs in the garden. And we also have indetifying insects so you can ask an entomologist what kind of bug you might have found."

"We have the Treasure Valley Beekeepers here with some hive demonstrations and they can show off the queen."

Carter Nielson says, "You had to try to search for the queen bee she had like a colorful dot on her back. We couldn't find her in one and then we could find her in the other one because there wasn't as much bees."

"Insects are a really big part of nature that sometimes everybody is a little bit afraid of and they all take a really important part of our nature cycles and that just helps keep all of our plants really healthy and so we need to have an appreciation of those in our own home and out in nature so that we're not scared of them," said Balmer.