Actor Kevin Spacey's brother shares his abuse story

Posted at 6:57 PM, Mar 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-05 11:35:01-05

The #MeToo movement and "Times Up" campaign once again took center stage in Hollywood Sunday evening. The brother of actor Kevin Spacey and author of a new book is sharing the story of his past saying he became a victim of sexual abuse by his own father as a child.

 Randy Fowler and his brother Kevin spent most of their childhood in fear of their dad.

"My perspective of my childhood was just a house of horrors," said Fowler.

 Around the age of 14, Randy became a statistic.

"My father was raping me, and he threw my face against the wall and put his arm up against my throat and said don't say a word," said Fowler. 
He said the abuse continued for years. His brother would grow up to be actor Kevin Spacey. Fowler said the two have not talked about the abuse and he's not sure if his brother or sister suffered the same fate.
Jean Fisher has been prosecuting child abuse cases in Ada County for nearly thirty years she says millions of children are suffering from this hidden epidemic.

"If you tell, nobody will believe you. If you tell, daddy will be taken away," said Fisher.

Fisher said the trauma could keep a family from disclosing their experiences with one another. 

 "It's very secretive," said Fischer.
She further explained that it could cause rifts between siblings. 

 Kevin and Randy haven't spoken in years, but he follows his brother's life closely.

 In the midst of Spacey abuse allegations, Fowler had this to say.

"I think my brother might be worst than my dad, " said Fowler. 

 Fowler says he has his own issues. The abuse has kept him from having a healthy family life. 

 "I gave up having children. I lost a wife," said Fowler. 

 Now Fowler wants to use his story to help others.

"My life is like a case study," added Fowler.

 Fowler said he took most of the abuse to spare his younger siblings. 
He finally got closure by writing a book. The book is called, A Moment In Time: Living In The Shadows.

 "Don't spend another day living in silence. Scream louder, kick harder and scratch deeper," said Fowler.