Broncos to play Boston College in Servpro Bowl December 26

Posted at 5:57 PM, Dec 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-02 19:57:07-05

The fate of the Boise State Broncos has now been made clear: the Broncos will play Boston College in the Servpro First Responders Bowl on December 26 in Dallas, the university announced Sunday afternoon.

Had the Broncos won, they would have secured a spot in the Las Vegas Bowl for the second season in a row.

Many fans are dealing with the emotions of Saturday night's devastating loss. While the boys in blue certainly toughed it out, sending the game into overtime-- they didn't manage to clinch the title in the end.

"I was really hoping for a win," said Alexa Standfield, BSU Senior. This is Standfield's last game as a student. "I'm sad."

Fresno State had never beaten Boise State on the blue-- but they managed to on Saturday.

"I'm graduating from Boise State in like two weeks," said Stanfield. "And this is my last game and I'm a little sad."

Broncos fan Brent Hunt wasn't too happy either.

"We had our opportunities and we couldn't capitalize on those-- and in the end-- they made one more play than we did, and came away with a win," said Hunt.

But even with the tragic loss, these fans remained positive.

"We had a great time. And even with the weather the way it was, I would do it again," said Hunt.

"But it's okay-- ya know?" said Stanfield. "I'll be back at some point. Maybe when I'm old, who knows. Maybe next year, I don't know but we'll hope for a win later."

And in this case, later is December 26-- we can hope for a win when Broncos play Boston College at the Servpro First Responders bowl in Dallas.