Bronco emergency alerts help protect students & faculty

Posted at 7:07 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 21:10:13-04

Six On Your Side first told about the report of a sexual assault on the outskirts of Boise State University on Sunday.

After a composite sketch was released this week, a man was arrested Thursday in connection with the reported assault.

And, thanks to security measures in place on campus, students can opt to receive emergency alerts via text messaging.

Campus-wide emergency notifications are sent out through e-mails and texts.

However, emergency managers say receiving the timely notifications through texts are most reliable.

Everyone who has a BSU e-mail account is signed up to receive them but you have to opt in to get the alerts on your phone.

Lexis Taylor will be a senior come fall. She appreciates the text alerts and takes precautions accordingly.

"I never walk around campus alone at night," she said. "And, if I do I make sure that I have someone on the phone."

Even with the recent report of a sexual assault on the outskirts of campus, Taylor hasn't let it have too much of an effect on her daily routine.

"I live on campus during the school year, and I think it's very safe," Taylor said. "I feel very safe walking around and the Bronco alerts are always helpful to know what's going on."

Alerts also ring through to desk phones on campus. Other security measures include the emergency blue light phones on campus where you can push a button to call 9-1-1 and the opportunity to request an escort by contacting the BSU Communications Center by dialing 208-426-6911.

The notifications are sent out when there is a threat to lives or property.

While the student opt in rate to receive emergency alert texts are up to about a 75 percent student rate, the emergency manager would like to see that rate bump up to 100 percent.

"We have a commitment to safety on campus for our students, faculty and staff," said Rob Littrell. "So, it's our way of letting the campus know something is going on so they can take actions to keep themselves safe."

There's also an "app" that students and faculty can download for free that includes a panic button. For more information visit

Students are encouraged to sign up for the text alerts through the campus database system.