Bronco Ben Weaver looks towards the future

Posted at 10:13 PM, Dec 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 00:13:54-05

Boise State Bronco Ben Weaver brought havoc to the opposing defenses this year.

The Cactus Bowl is Weaver’s last game as a bronco and now he is shifting gears to the NFL, something he says he is ready for, motivated and looking forward to.

"It’s kinda of a new chapter I will be training for the NFL in Boise and kinda just working on the side doing some part time things in kind of preparation for whatever happens I am so excited for that and this next step and just really showcase kind of what I've learned in these four and half years in school." Said Weaver.

Although working part time, Weaver is already looking at what he can do outside of football. He is a finance major at BSU and plans to hang around football and plans to innovate some new products for the gridiron.

"My idea is to be in the football aspect but not necessarily coaching. I'm currently trying to start my own company with a type of football equipment.  We have  some innovative things and been working with our engineering program and our venture college so doing some of that stuff would be really cool to stay in the football aspect." Said Weaver.

Weaver says not having to suit up every day until draft day has allowed him to focus on his future.  He isn't giving up on dreaming of playing professional football but instead has a backup plan that. For now, he will not reveal his football equipment secrets and is glad he has a plan in place.

"To be able to work part time and work towards my career and what I want to be doing with my life post football is extremely important to me because as you see a life span in the NFL isn't very long and if I were to get that opportunity it would be awesome but if it were not to happen then I will be able to kinda have life in order." Said Weaver.