Broadway Bridge opens, with belvederes

Broadway Bridge opens, with belvederes
Posted at 7:02 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 21:04:52-04

The Broadway Bridge is now open after 9 months of having been closed.  

The Idaho Transportation Department used an approach, based on community feedback, that closed the entire bridge area for 9 months rather than having the bridge built one side at a time.

But a few weeks ago, Boise Mayor Beiter entered the construction site just to see how progress was going. "I snuck across and got a peek at this... and I almost couldn't get out at the end, so I had to pry the barricades off. So I want to thank the workers who didn't turn me in or ... I might not be part of the celebration," he said to an approving crowd.

Mayor Bieter's anticipation is understandable, given the importance of the Boise Bridge. "it is connecting the rest of this country with our wonderful downtown. it's connecting Boise State with our downtown. And it's connecting St. Luke's with the rest of the valley," said Bill Connors with the Boise Chamber of Commerce.

Most bridges of this size would take up to two years to complete, but the Idaho Department of Transportation completed the bridge in 9 months. They saved time by not building the bridge in halves but by closing the entire bridge down and constructing the entire bridge.

The bridge features 10 foot wide sidewalks, 3 lanes in each direction for cars, bike lanes in each direction, and belvederes, which are accented outlook points that affords pedestrians a chance to view the river without obstructing other people on the sidewalk.