Bonus weekend might be in store for Bogus Basin

Posted at 7:43 PM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 21:53:32-04

Some of you may have woken up Friday morning thinking that "mother nature" is cruel, but others are hanging on to the cold temperatures for as long as they can.

As Six On Your Side discovered Friday, a bonus weekend may be in store for the slopes at Bogus Basin.

Sleet in the valley meant there was full on snow in the mountains.

Who would have thought Spring skiing and snowboarding could be so good?

The Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area received 8-inches of fresh powder Friday, and you better believe Winter enthusiasts made their way up the winding hill. Some of them live for it.

"When the snow starts to melt and everything starts blooming you feel, how do I put this, rage," laughed Cosmic Rebecca, who is a season pass holder. "No, no, not quite that. But, when those birds are singing... you're like, 'Oh stop, please can't you wait another month!"

The snow was so good this year at Bogus Basin, General Manager Brad Wilson say the season was a record-breaker in terms of revenue and the number of visitors.

"It's snowed almost every week. It started early, it's gone late," Wilson said. "We've had absolutely fabulous conditions, and we still have over a 60-inch base on closing weekend!"

As soon as managers decide whether or not a bonus weekend is in store, they will be preparing for what they hope to be an epic Summer as well.

Plans are in the works to install a mountain coaster, which is a first for the Gem state, along with a new, outside food and seating area, a 32-foot climbing wall and gold panning station.

The nonprofit leaders say the summer attractions line right up with their mission statement.

"Which is to remain accessible and affordable to the community," said Susan Saad, director of community & customer relations for Bogus Basin. "And so, we feel like adding all these Summer activities is going to bring so many more people up to experience the beautiful mountains and environment that's just right above the city here."

The decision on whether or not the ski lifts will be running an extra weekend at Bogus Basin will be made on either Wednesday or Thursday of next week. You can look for updates on their website.