Boise's Giant Sequoia on the move Saturday night

Posted at 11:14 PM, Jun 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-25 01:14:37-04

A ten-story tall Giant Sequoia tree, Growing comfortably on the grounds of St. Luke's Hospital in downtown Boise for more than a century is about to find a new home.

The massive four-ton landmark Is believed to be Idaho's largest Giant Sequoia tree. Preparations to relocate the massive tree are already underway closing down portions of Fort Street Saturday Night into Sunday.

Crews are moving the Giant Sequoia by putting it on rollers, It's being uprooted to make room for Saint Luke's new expansion project and will find a new home just a few hundred feet away at Fort Boise Park. Although it's close, It could take more than eight hours to get it there.

"In situations like this dealing with a high viz project, it's all about safety and taking your time thinking through the process," said Jacob Cox of Environmental Design.

St. Luke's is shelling out close to $300,000 to pay for the transplant. If everything goes as planned, the tree should be in the ground at its new location by noon Sunday. Experts say the tree could live for another three to four hundred years.