Boise's Capital High beefs up security following threat

Posted at 12:51 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 14:51:21-04

What officials termed “graffiti with threatening language” was recently discovered inside a bathroom stall on the Capital High School campus. “The graffiti ... referenced May 5, 2017, but was not directed toward any specific individuals or Capital High School,” according to an e-mail school administrators sent Monday to concerned parents.

“In addition to Capital’s administration, Boise City Police officers, the Boise School District’s Safety and Security Specialist and District Administrators have examined the graffiti and determined that no credible evidence substantiates this threat; however, we take all such matters seriously.  Capital’s administration and the Boise Police are continuing to investigate. When they find the student or students who created this graffiti, they will be given appropriate legal and school consequences,” the notice went on.

Parents were notified that, as a result of the graffiti, the school has taken a number of security precautions. “Students (now) sign in and out of their classrooms during class time; school administrators have increased supervision on campus, particularly in our restrooms and locker rooms; video cameras have been reprogrammed to enhance security coverage; staff members and students have been cautioned to report any unusual objects or behaviors to the administration; and additional Boise Police and school administration supervision will be provided on campus all day on Friday, May 5th,” the e-mail stated.

“Throughout the week, we will vigilantly continue to work with the police to find those responsible and assign them appropriate consequences,” officials added.

If parents choose to keep their children home that day, they are to call the Capital High School administration office to excuse their child for Friday. “The absence will count towards the 90% attendance rule; however, if your student exceeds his/her allowed absences for the semester because of this absence, it will not prevent him/her from receiving credit,” the e-mail told parents.