Boise’s Bishop Foote Guest House move to continue this weekend

Posted at 11:38 AM, May 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-15 13:38:25-04

BOISE — The Bishop Foote Guest house at St. Luke's Boise Medical Center is on track to continue its move to a new location this weekend, hospital officials said Wednesday.

The historic home is currently parked on East Jefferson Street between Avenue B and 1st Street. It's being relocated from Jefferson and 2nd Streets to a lot St. Luke's owns at Avenue B and Bannock Street -- to allow construction of a new St. Luke's shipping and receiving building.

Crews started moving the 304-ton brick home May 3rd, but encountered several mechanical issues along the way. “The moving crew, St. Luke's and ACHD agreed to leave the home parked on Jefferson Street for repairs, rather than risk another equipment issue on the busier Avenue B. The house is currently in a spot that does NOT block the ambulance entrance to the Emergency Department,” said St. Luke’s spokesperson Anita Kissee.

The second part of the move had been planned for this past weekend, but ACHD delayed it one week due to community events already scheduled -- including the Race for the Cure and Boise State's commencement.

The new moving date is Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19.

“Crews will close Avenue B and start removing traffic lights at 2 a.m. Saturday morning. The movers will then get to work between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m.,” Kissee explained.

When the house is back on the move, it will slowly continue east on Jefferson Street to Avenue B; turn the corner; move under the new St. Luke's skybridge; and then move south to the corner of Bannock and Avenue B, she said.

Avenue B will be completely closed until the home is safely placed in its new location.

“Crews hope to have enough work complete Saturday night to open at least one lane in each direction on Avenue B. They intend to finish up the remaining work Sunday in order to have the road fully open in time for the Monday commute,” Kissee said.

(photo courtesy: Anita Kissee/St. Luke’s)