Boiseans learn and react to Bird and Lime e-scooter arrival

E-scooters have made their way into Boise.
Posted at 5:49 PM, Oct 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-20 00:03:22-04

Oh, the things you can do on an e-scooter! One pair of Boiseans is going grocery shopping at Winco.

"Yup we're gonna put 'em in a backpack and just ride back with them."

Others-- out-of-towners-- are using them to see the city.

"You don't have to worry about parking your car ya know, 15 different places and gettin' in traffic, ya know, you just kind of pick a spot and go. So we just rode to the Capitol and then we rode to the stadium," said Scott Barnes, Boise tourist.

If you want to try one, the unlock process is done on the corresponding smartphone app. You open up the Bird or Lime app, and you can see where each available scooter is located on a map.

They're heeeeeere! Lime and Bird e-scooters hit the streets of Boise yesterday. So I want to know: would you use them!? Do you think they'll be a fun mode of transport or a street hazard? Maybe a mix of both? LOL Let me know!

— Rachel Garceau (@RachelGarceau) October 19, 2018


Stadium-goers be warned, however, a tweet by Boise State Public Safety says to 'think twice' about riding them to a football game, reading "Loving the scooters that are new to #BoiseState campus? If you planned to ride one to the game tonight, think twice. They cannot be parked in the Stadium lots or near the gates, and will be picked up by the company before the game is over! #DudeWheresMyCar"

Barnes and friends thought about riding them to Friday's game, but are now making other plans.

"We're gonna have a new series called, 'Old dudes drinking coffee on scooters,'" Barnes said.

Speaking of coffee, downtown Boise Dutch Bros employees have started their own game: counting the scooters that whiz by.

"We've been counting the electric scooters that have passed. So far we have 13 in about 15 minutes. So, yeah, I think I might be the winner," said Keegan Keith, Dutch Bros employee in downtown Boise.

And while "coffee and scooting" is allowed, "alcohol and scooting" can warrant a DUI. And while the apps warn riders not to ride if they've been drinking alcohol, not everyone's convinced that won't happen.

"I was down in San Diego with these and that was a concern that they're having down there right now," said Nick Telik, Boise resident.

Still, these riders seem cautiously optimistic.

"If people are practical, ya know, then there shouldn't be any concerns. But, ya know there's always that chance that something could happen," said Telik.