Boise woman once given a year to live has hope

Posted at 6:00 PM, May 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-06 20:00:54-04

A Boise woman once told she had just a year to live, is now looking at life with renewed hope.

"The last time we met I had stage 4 cervical cancer," said Carrie Tiggas.

What started as a routine check-up for Tiggas turned into a moment that would change the course of her life.
On October 5th of 2017 doctors told Tiggaas she had cancer.

"I remember her exact words were, 'we can't cure you.' I broke down and said about a year, " said Tiggas. 

She says just hearing the word "cancer" took the life out of her. 
The news came as a shock for the 37-year-old Boise woman at the time was in the best shape of her life.

"I was eating right and doing everything I could to get myself into my thirties in a good way," said Tiggas.

She added that there were no warning signs.  After the diagnosis she
immediately began chemo.

"We were doing chemotherapy to prolong my life," said Tiggas.
Now fast forward to just six months later her story has dramatically changed. 

"It seems like the last two rounds did the trick because now I am in remission with maintenance."

This was the miracle she was praying for but did not think she would get.

"I honestly didn't believe it for a couple of minutes I had to ask her a couple of times," said Tiggas.

Her wish now is for everyone to undergo routine check-ups and she is hoping her story will help others.

"Now there is hope even though you do have a diagnosis that may be so frightening there's hope," said Tiggas.