Boise woman headed to Rio despite obstacles

Boise woman headed to Rio despite obstacles
Posted at 10:07 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 00:07:58-04

A Treasure Valley woman has hit the bulls eye.

Sam Tucker suffered a terrible accident years ago. A motorcycle accident that changed the course of her life forever. Determined and driven, Tucker has done what some say might be impossible, by making the U.S. Paralympics Archery team with one arm.

Much of her life Tucker has dealt with the military by working in public affairs and later helping disabled veterans. Inspired by others, Tucker was convinced to give archery a shot. Tucker says, "I went into a bow shop and asked if there was a way to shoot, and they looked at me funny, and probably thought what in the world would they do with me". But nothing would stop Sam's determination to not only learn how to shoot a bow and arrow with one arm, but to excel at.

Sam would practice anywhere she could, including in some areas not known for archery practice. "I started shooting down my hallway, through my living room and out my patio doors".

One competition lead to another and then another, until finally she was at the point of making Team U-S-A for the Paralympics in Rio. Now it's full steam ahead to Brazil, a place she's not afraid to go. "I don't let fear stop me, I mean I've almost died once. It's not a big deal, I know where I'm going".

If you'd like to help Sam on her quest for gold, contact Elevation Chiropractic about their fundraiser on July 30th.