Boise woman finds bullet in wall of home

Posted at 4:25 PM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 18:30:18-05
"This is a nice sub-division. I know all of my neighbors. We are all friendly, we all have young children running around. There is always a kid on a bike outside, and to see a bullet in your wall, it's scary," said Brittany Holloway.
Holloway was in her home in Boise near Lake Hazel and Maple Grove cleaning up her daughters playroom when she noticed a bullet sticking out of her wall. 
"I thought it was an eraser at first. Then I got closer and pulled it out and it was a slug of a bullet. When I pulled it out of the wall and looked to the side, I saw the scratch on the wall and then the entry point of the bullet," explained Holloway. 
Not knowing what to do, she imminently called her husband who was out of town. 
He didn't believe her at first, until he saw the photos. The two were shocked.
"I got really fearful. and scared because I was thinking how did this happen? Did it happen when I was here? Was my daughter in the playroom? Were her friends around? Was this on purpose?  You just don't know. The height of it was my daughters height, the height of her head. It's scary.
Brittany says the next thing she did was call the police.
The Boise Police Department came to her home and told her because of the trajectory, they didn't think it was intentionally aimed at her house.
"They thought that somebody was shooting up in the air, maybe celebrating new years eve or maybe cleaning their gun in their backyard because of the height of it on my second floor," said Holloway.
Holloway, a gun owner herself says she hopes people use this incident as a reminder that you always have to be careful. 
"You know what goes up has to come down and whether you think that you've shot far enough away, or that nobody is going to get injured, you know that is not always the case. We just proved we are the second floor up and it came from quite a distance that bullet did and it was my daughter's playroom.  Any child could have been hurt.  Just be careful," explained Holloway.
The Ada County Sheriffs office says that shooting a bullet into the the air in City Limits is illegal.