Boise woman celebrates 100th birthday

Posted at 4:36 PM, Apr 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-28 18:36:33-04

Mary Martha Bennet recently reached one of the most significant milestones. She turned a 100 years. Her daughter Martha Sandmeyer says Mary has had an incredible life.

"Mom was born in Parma, Idaho on April 24, 1918. On her birth certificate, it says she weighs 4 pounds," said Martha.  

Both of her parents died when she was a child, and she says that made her determined to live a long and meaningful life. But she still credits her long life to her good genes. 

"My grandparents were pretty tough people, they came here on the Oregon Trail on a wagon," said Mary.

On her quest to enjoy life, Mary moved to Columbus, Ohio for an art school but got homesick and came back to the gem state to finish up college at the University of Idaho, and received a degree in art and architecture.

After school, she worked as Mode limited first fashion artist. While on the job, Mary met her future husband. 

"Well, he was stationed here, and I was in the Mode having a coke, and he came in with some of his friends. He invited me out that night, picked me up after work and met me with a white corsage, and I was impressed," said Mary with a smile on her face as she recalled her love story.

They have been married for 66 years and have three kids. Among her many accomplishments, Mary says the thing she is most proud of is her family. 

Her daughter Martha says Mary gave her a beautiful life and she shared her favorite memories.

"It was the simple things such as taking walks and holding hands in downtown, having a soda or shopping for fabric," said Martha.

In those 100 years, Mary has witnessed the Kennedy assassination,  the civil rights movement, the advancement of technology but she says the one thing that sticks out is world war ii and the cure for polo. Her life has many people wondering what her secret to living is?

"I think faith, a loving family, and exercise," answered Mary.

Her favorite pastime painting has helped her mind sharp throughout the years.

Mary said the Terrance of Boise threw her the party of the century and truly which captured the essence of her life. 
And if she could do it all over, she says she would do life exactly the same way.