Boise team to represent N.W. at Babe Ruth Softball World Series

Posted at 7:41 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 21:58:27-04

The East Boise Girls Allstar Softball team has already made history just by qualifying to compete in the Babe Ruth Softball World Series.

Now that the trophy is so close within their reach, they're hoping to slide into the top spot. It's a feat that wouldn't have been possible just a few years back.

Six On Your Side caught up with the fast-pitch softball team this week.

With only a matter of days left before they square off against teams from across the U.S., the Idaho state champions are not only ready but proud to be representing the Pacific Northwest.

Being part of a winning team brings back fond memories for the team's manager, Rylie Walters.

"I won a state championship on this field actually when I was 12. I don't know, it was just one of the greatest moments of my life," Walters said. "So, I just wanted to let the girls feel something similar to that."

As Walters continued on with her youth softball career, rosters lacked the members they needed.

Having close ties to the league, the once competitive player walked back onto the field as a coach. Her players are grateful she did.

"We're good hitters, we have a lot of confidence," said Maryn McDaniel, the team's pitcher. "We can hit off of the faster pitchers, and we can hit hard."

It started as a fun past-time for Claire Cunningham. The now catcher eventually found her place on the diamond.

"It just became my position, and it felt like home behind the plate," Cunningham said.

Whether they win or lose, this team is ready to bat around.

"It's the first time an East Boise softball team has been to the World Series," Walters said. "So, we really don't know what to expect."

Either way, it will be an unforgettable experience.

"I hope it [softball] is always a part of my life in whatever way possibly... if I'm just sitting in the bleachers watching a game or if I'm behind the plate," Cunningham said. "I just always want to experience it and be a part of it for as long as I can."

The regional "champs" head to the World Series in Florida on Aug. 3.

In the meantime, they're raising money to help cover traveling expenses. Here is a link to the team's GoFundMe page