Boise teachers, police officers trade places for the day

Posted at 5:14 PM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 19:14:22-05

A group of teachers in the Boise School District switched places with officers in the Boise Police Department on Tuesday, Nov. 14, during the city's first-ever "Teacher Cop Swap."

Trading their lesson plans for crime scene tape, three teachers donned latex gloves and learned how to comb through a crime scene. 

"It really makes me realize the level of detail it takes to process the crime and the amount of work that goes into it," said Korrin Rue, a teacher at Borah High School. 

Rue, who teaches government, says job shadowing BPD will enhance her classroom instruction.

"I do a special unit on the judicial branch and the court system, and I do get a ton of questions about police activity and certain laws," Rue said. "So it's really great to be able to take that information back into the classroom."

Back at school, officers took over Rue's government classes, discussing fourth amendment rights, search and seizure, and sharing experiences from their time on the force. 

"A little bit of humor, throw in some reality...the uniform obviously is a different measure," said Det. Bryan Holland with BPD. "...but I think it knocks the uniform down when you have a good relationship with the class, and really discussing some things that are hot topics."

Both groups hope trading places for the day will leave a lasting impact. 

"Trying to help bridge a gap of communication, so that we're working together to try to accomplish the same mission, same goals...protect the assets of the future," said Sgt. Sara Hill with BPD.