Boise State's newest tee dog, Blitz, carrying on his dads legacy

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Posted at 6:39 PM, Oct 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-02 02:10:38-04

BOISE — He's a certified Good Boy with big paws to fill. Meet Blitz, a four-year-old black lab.

But he's not just any black lab, Blitz is Boise State's newest tee dog, the Boise Hawks bat dog, and the son of Cowboy Kohl.

“I was really proud of him when he went and grabbed the tee for the first time and just to have the legacy continue,” Devin Martin, Blitz' owner said. "It was pretty incredible. Kohl was one of the best dogs I have ever known. He loved everything, loved everybody, loved to retrieve, and he takes after his dad in a lot of ways. ”

Blitz is following in his dad's footsteps, who passed away in September prior to BSU's first football game. It was news that devastated Bronco Nation, but through Blitz, Kohl's legacy lives on.

"Once he sees that tee he knows it is all business," Martin said.

Business or not, it's something Blitz loves doing most, just like his dad.

“He just loves playing fetch. It’s what he dreams about, I'm pretty sure, at night when he is kicking around," Martin said. "He just thinks about grabbing stuff and bringing it back, dreams of The Blue.”

If you've been to a Bronco football or Boise Hawks game this season you've probably already seen Blitz in action.

“There’s a massive thrill behind it, having the student section saying, he's a good boy after he comes back. It just warms my heart," Martin said. "Cause he is a good boy, and on defense when the crowd gets loud he feeds off of it he’ll start getting loud with him."

But, Martin, who loves sharing Blitz with all of Bronco Nation, says it's the simple moments they share together that he also cherishes most.

"Oh man, I caught him out of the womb, haha. I have been with him since day one," he said. "We are partners in crime. We go out everywhere we do everything together. We go hiking, fishing, and go to the lake."

A good boy, and his best companion, that just so happens to have stolen the hearts of Bronco Nation.

You can catch Blitz in action during every BSU home football game, and if you're lucky enough he just might make an appearance at your tailgating spot before the game or say goodbye to you as you leave the stadium.

As long as he's not working, if you do see him, Martin says to come say hi, and give Blitz some love.